➔ Using KeePassXC as your system-keyring and ssh-agent

   |   4 minute read
Introduction Guest article by maxice8 Recently the community-oriented password manager KeePassXC made a new major release, 2.5.0. In this new release there was a really important change, the implementation of the secrets API from Freedesktop. This is oversimplified For those that don’t know, the secrets API is a specification for storing and querying secrets (duh) like passwords, tokens and ssh keys, and really anything you wanted.

➔ Contributing to Alpine Linux: making Merge Requests

   |   5 minute read
Introduction Guest article by maxice8 Some time ago, Alpine Linux started using their self-hosted GitLab instance to accept contributions via merge requests. I wanted to move to it immediately as using their GitLab instance is planned to be the main repo (it is currently a mirror to git.alpinelinux.org). How it was before Before using their GitLab instance I used their GitHub repo to contribute, I would use the amazing hub tool, which after login with my personal access token would allow me to easily check out pull requests and merge them from the CLI.

➔ Introducing tmplgen

   |   6 minute read
Introduction Some time ago maxice8 had told me about gemnator, a simple script written in SH to generate Void Linux build template files for Ruby Gems. It pulls the neccessary data (e.g. the newest version, dependencies etc.) from the rubygems.org API and generates a ready to use template from it. I really liked the idea and wanted to improve on it, e.g. by adding more sources to query (such as crates.
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